Winter Swimming Lessons Make For SAFER SWIMMING SUMMERS (and save a lot of time and money too).

"My kids usually take a break from swimming lessons over the winter.  But I realized last spring that my kids just were't safe when our pool opened and vowed this year we would do things different. I also hate thinking about all the money we spent "re-learning" so many skills that my kids ended up forgetting over last winter when we stopped lessons."

- (Not a Real Person), but the truth we wish parents at the Swim Revolution realized... and told their friends. 

Want your child to be ready for a safer swimming summer? Of course you do. 

Maybe you were with us last summer, the summer before, or this fall is your first time at The Swim Revolution. Either way, chances are you're doing the swimming lesson thing for your first, second, or third child. 

It's hard to know all the "right things" to do when you're doing them for your first, second, or third time. 

We're lucky to have the experience to help you make the right decisions because we're not doing this the first, second, or third time. We're doing this the five thousandth time? 

We've seen what parent behaviors bring the most success for their kids and Winter Swimming is one of those things. 

Yes, it's true - In Swim Schools like ours, enrollment slow down over the winter season... but this isn't a gimmick to boost enrollments, this is the truth we wish more parents knew. 

Here's the two key reasons you need to keep your kids enrolled in swimming lessons at the Swim Revolution this winter:

Reason #1: You want your swimmer to be as prepared as possible WHEN pools open!

This is a no brainer!  Obviously you want your kids as safe as possible when pools open in the spring.  

The problem is that becoming a SAFER swimmer takes time and most parents don't think about swimming lessons until March... or later!

But most pools open Memorial Weekend in May! This does not give our instructors and your swimmer a lot of time to prepare. If you swim once a week, you'll give your child less than 8 classes to get ready... yikes! 

Our recommendation: Start swimming lessons in November or December and give your kids 4-6 months of prep time

Our goal is to increase your swimmers ability during the winter months so that when pools open, they're already swimming stronger and safer!

Take a break during the summer months if you want... but the winter is time for learning and mastery!  

Another great strategy is to utilize our SwimAble Kid Video Course during the summer months and take the swim lesson process into your own hands! 

Reason #2: Starting and stopping at the wrong times causes EXPENSIVE skill regression! 

There's nothing better for a swim school than summer swimming lessons year and year... after year. Tuition is expensive and they love it when you're back again and again... and again!

Skill regression is awesome for a swim school and terrible for your bank account. It's really expensive!!! 

We value our reputation more than money.  We'd rather your kids learn right - the first time - and stay in the program until they reach skill mastery. 

We want your kids to become strong and safer swimmers who can effortlessly play with their friends and family at the pool... and we don't want it to take summer after summer... after summer. 

And we can if you help us. In reality, most it relies on you and staying in swimming lessons when it'll help your child most. 

And that means not making the biggest (and most common) mistake parents make by skipping out winter swimming lessons. 

Look... We've been doing this a long time and we can say with certainty that parents who skip winter swimming lessons have kids who lose skills by spring

And "relearning" skills is expensive. Most parents spend anywhere from $250 to $400 every summer just catching up and relearning skills their kids already used to know! That's crazy. 

We want to help you avoid that costly error. 

What is the BEST time to take lessons & the best time to take periodic breaks?

So what is the golden nugget piece of information that makes your swimmer SAFER and saves you time, energy & $$? 

It's way simpler than you think!

Generally speaking, the best months to enroll in swimming lessons are November - May & take a break from formal swimming lessons during the summer months (as long as you commit to taking your swimmer to the pool frequently)

The reality is that the key to both learning how to swim and maintaining that skill level is exposure.   You gain the exposure in the winter months by participating in active swimming lessons.  You gain exposure in the summer months by swimming in your home or community pool.  

Changing up your swimming schedule to match the above calendar months will save you hundreds of dollars in tuition fees AND will help make your swimmer SAFER when they are enjoying the summer months in your backyard or community pool.

Have more questions?  We would love to hear from you.  Email us at!

For more information on our sister company and supporting your Swim Revolution lessons at home, visit

Until we speak again my friends, SAFER Swimming & Happy Swim Discovery!

Jim & Jeff Wood

The Swim Revolution Founders

P.S.  Want to optimize even further?  Our recommendation is enrolling in our Swim Discovery program at The Swim Revolution during the fall / winter months.  This program is the BEST way to prepare your swimmer for the actual skills and activities they will be participating in, when swimming with friends, in your backyard or community pool.

Check out our Swim Discovery Program for more information:

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