Overcome Your Fear of Swimming. Adult Swim Lessons in Atlanta at The Swim Revolution!

Type "Adult Swim Lessons Atlanta" into Google, and you'll see 4 options pop up. How do you make the right decision between these few options? 

If you experience fear, nerves, or anxiety in shallow water or deep water, don't make a traffic or distance-based decision!  

You need a program that recognizes your fear and purposefully helps you overcome it step by step. Sadly, there aren’t many adult swim lesson programs that even attempt to do this. 

To our knowledge, there are only two programs in the USA designed to help adults overcome a fear of swimming... and we're one of them.  (the only one in Atlanta)

Learning how to swim should never be scary

SwimAble Adult is a program built for you! By a trusted 5-Star Swim School in Atlanta - The Swim Revolution.

We’ll cover more about our program and why you should trust us to help you overcome your swimming fear (and learn to swim with confidence) next. But first, we want to introduce ourselves and show you why we’re the trusted swim lessons choice for thousands of Atlantans already.

The Swim Revolution opened its doors in Atlanta in 2012. Since then, we’ve accumulated around 150 5-Star reviews between Facebook, Google, and Yelp. Google us!

We’re passionate about teaching others to love the water and feel confident swimming in it, just like we do. 

Comforting Water 3

Learning to swim should NEVER be scary! How SwimAble Adult helps fearful beginners overcome their swimming fear. 

Learning to swim as an adult should never be scary! So why are swimming lessons so frightening, and why do they almost always fail? It's simple. 

The biggest mistake adult swimming lessons make today is allowing unaddressed fear to enter the water.

It's a massive mistake that not only makes learning less enjoyable but can also make it downright frightening and dangerous. 

But unfortunately, fear is rarely addressed, mentioned, or planned for in adult swimming lessons today. (ours are different, as we'll show you soon). 

We want to invite you to check out any other swim school offering Adult Swim Lessons in Atlanta from your Google search. Read what they share about their teaching process and notice if they mention fear or how they plan to help you overcome it.

Here's a screenshot taken from the website of another adult swim lesson program in Atlanta... Notice what it says, and doesn't say!

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 1.02.29 PM

They never mention how they're going to help you overcome your fear of swimming. I want you to understand that this is normal for adult swim lessons - and not in a good way! 

It's an oversight that will make your experience unpleasant at best and make you a lot more likely to fail. 

Over 50% of our SwimAble Adult learners tried lessons somewhere else that failed before finding us. 

I want you to notice something else too. Look at the "beginner" skills they want to teach you first, right on day one - Breath control, front floating, back floating, kicking, and arm movements! 

Those are advanced skills for someone with nerves, anxiety, and fear around the water... there's nothing "beginner" about it! 

This program is making the biggest mistake in adult swimming lessons! They're letting students bring unaddressed fear into the water. Please do not do this to yourself.

Remember, "Learning how to swim should NEVER be scary." 

We show you our process and how it's tailored specifically to extinguish fear step-by-step below. 

Overcome Your Fear (rounded)

SwimAble Adult is built for you. Overcome your fear of swimming step-by-step, in a self-guided program that advances at your own pace. 

We believe in starting at the starting line. That means addressing your fears before we ever step foot in the water. The SwimAble Adult curriculum always begins on dry land. 

This is how you can expect your first day to go with us: 

Box Breathing Jeff

Sitting comfortably next to the water, either on a chair or on a towel laid out over the floor.

Our coaches will introduce you to a powerful stress-reduction and relaxation technique called Box Breathing (watch below).

You'll remain seated next to the water performing the Box Breathing relaxation exercise until you feel 100% calm and relaxed throughout your mind and body. Only then will you be asked to dip your feet into the water. 

With your feet in the water, you'll repeat the Box Breathing exercise until all fear has subsided and you feel ready to enter the water further. Advancing skills is always done at your pace, based on how internal experience. 

Those are your first two steps.

There are around 70 micro-steps in total before you're confidently swimming entirely on your own. Your fear will have dissolved and disappeared well before that point. 

70 micro-steps might sound like a lot right now. But, depending on your level of fear and how quickly it subsides, you might move through the course in only a handful of lessons. 

Some students who start with high levels of fear only need around 4 to 5 classes to complete the course. Others take a little longer.

The important thing we want you to leave this article with is that with SwimAble Adult, you'll always move at your own pace. 

If you want to take a deeper dive into how our process works, read "Breathing Out Fear. How to Overcome Your Fear of Swimming."

Testimonials and experiences from real SwimAble Adult members in Atlanta.

This is only a handful of the powerful and amazing experiences from SwimAble (Swim Revolution) members as they overcome their fear and learn to swim with confidence! Check them out.

This morning I floated

Today was awesome

I can put my face in

Happy to be here

Overcame Fear

Its easier than you think

Aditya First time floater

Get started with the SwimAble Adult swim lesson program in Atlanta today!

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Overcome Your Fear (rounded)

Until next time. Safer Swimming and Happy Swim Discovery!


Jim Wood, Co-Founder of SwimAble.com and Swim Revolution



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